We provide  an apartment that you  share with other students, Arab students if possible, which will help you to practice your Arabic and to easily and closely discover the Arabic culture. It will let you experience a different reality from the one you are used to in your country with a better immersion into the country’s culture.

Usually, you share your room, unless you preferred to stay alone .

Food :

In the apartment you will generally share the bathrooms, the living room, and the kitchen. You will manage all the issues concerning food, shopping, cooking in the apartment or eating in restaurants.

Furniture :

Each room will be simply furnished containing 2 beds, a wardrobe, a commode, a bureau, a table, a chair and a fan.

You will find in the living-room a sofa set, a TV and in the kitchen, a fridge, a stove, a washing machine and a microwaves.

The apartment is equipped with an electric water-heater and Internet.

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Distance and Transportation :

The apartment is only 15 minutes away from the institute. Your transportation expenses are not covered.

A 15 minutes taxi ride costs a little more than 1 Euro (1JD) and 0.50 JD by public transportation.


Insurance :

You should have your own insurance to cover the treatment costs abroad and the loss of personal belongings during your stay.