Istanbul Language Academy:

Istanbul Language Academy, who is one of the leaders in teaching languages, gives the students the opportunity to learn the language through the newest and modern methods. The Academy is teaching Arabic & English and we also plan to open Turkish programs for foreigners. Our classes are in a friendly atmosphere, well-equipped with necessary materials for modern language teaching. Our Academy offers different activities with a rich and effective experience and talk to the experienced teachers. The Academy is also preparing the students for international exams as well as to the Turkish, Arabic and other universities acceptance examinations. For further information please visit: . 


Enjoy Jordan:

Enjoy Jordan is a trustworthy and reliable travel agency specialized in Jordan in nowadays travel industry. Whether you are travelling alone, with your family or even with a group of friends, our agency offers you the opportunity to discover Jordan’s outstanding and breathtaking landscapes with our many well organized programs and packages. With us you can personalize your own program in every possible way. “Tailor Made tours” so you can enjoy the holiday you’ve always dreamed of. Enjoy Jordan is one of the first companies that gave attention to FIT visitors and acknowledged their individual travel goals. We seek professionalism in our programs, that is why we don’t accept less than high quality services that meet our clients expectations, standards, and needs but mostly their own satisfaction.


Language International

Language International is a team of language and technology enthusiasts building the best language course search site.

Their aim is to take the agony out of planning your language immersion experience. They designed their site to help you easily compare thousands of courses at once. If you want to spend hours searching every language school site yourself, that’s one option. If you prefer an easier way to find a good deal, they can help. The site presents course results in a way that allows you to choose the best course for you at one glance.

Language International

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