To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.



EUROCCL was established in response to the growing international demand for expertise and competence in foreign languages. Our center provides high quality education at affordable prices using the newest and most effective methods. We offer a large variety of language courses, professional training, activities and translation services.

We specialize in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, as well as European and other foreign languages such as English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian and Turkish. To assure the highest possible teaching quality, our staff consists of experienced professors and experts in the education field as well as linguists and informatics working in the private sector and native speakers of all languages.

EUROCCL collaborates with The British Foreign Ministry, The Defense Ministry, as well as The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Our students therefore are majorly diplomats, politicians and businessmen in addition to other students from well-known western entities.

EUROCCL promotes communicative and intercultural competence in its programs. Our aim is to empower students to use the target language in order to understand information, to express themselves orally and in writing and to communicate with native and non-native speakers of the language. An important part when learning a foreign language is developing a critical understanding of the target culture, which requires the ability and willingness to get involved with and immersed in the culture.

Students who enroll in our courses are seeking to gain the linguistic skills they need to navigate within the target culture. This means that our classes are conducted in the target language and students are encouraged to develop confidence to express themselves fluently. While pronunciation is monitored and grammatical structures are taught, the focus at all times is on enabling students to use and expand their communicative skills in the target language.

In addition to language courses, EUROCCL also offers professional training courses in a variety of fields as well as certified translation services.

Experienced Instructors

Each of our instructors is equipped with a Master's Degree or PhD and has years of experience in education.

Certified Courses

Our courses are certified by international and local organizations.

Exclusive Learning Materials

We utilize a wide spectrum of learning materials for all levels and subjects. We also create teaching materials appropriate for the students' needs.

Friendly Learning Environment

We pride ourselves in offering a friendly and enjoyable learning environment, so students can feel comfortable as they develop their language skills.