Arabic Courses

Arabic Courses

Arabic Courses

Our team of Arabic instructors consists of highly trained Jordanian instructors with years of experience in teaching the Arabic Language to non-native speakers. No matter your current level – Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced – you are guaranteed to see impressive progress in your Arabic skills after taking one of our Arabic courses. Here is a breakdown of our main Arabic Programs:

Group courses

Group courses are a fun and interactive way for you to learn alongside fellow Arabic learners. Lessons are taught using a variety of teaching methods designed to Develop your level in each of the essential skills: Grammar, Conversation, Listening, Reading and Writing. We offer group courses in all levels (A1 – C2), in Fushaa (Modern Standard Arabic) and Ammiyya (Colloquial Jordanian Dialect).

Note: Group courses open based on demand: there must be a minimum of 4 students committed to registering in the course in order to officially open the course.

Private courses (One-to-one)

Private courses are a great opportunity for you to personalize your courses exactly how you would like them. These courses are based on each student’s individual purpose for learning the Arabic language, so you have the freedom to design your course content focusing on specific skills and topics as well as a suitable mix between Modern Standard and Colloquial Arabic. Additionally, taking a private course allows for a much more personal interaction between you and the teacher, focusing directly on your strong and weak points.

Specialized Arabic Programs

We also offer several specialized programs designed specifically for professionals seeking to utilize the Arabic language in the workplace, either in the Middle East or in their home country. Materials for this program are customized to prepare students to speak Arabic fluently in their work field. If you are interested in developing your Arabic skills to facilitate working in the Middle East or with Arabic speakers in your home country, this may be the program for you.

Some examples of the specialized programs we offer:

  • Arabic for Diplomats
  • Media Arabic
  • Military Arabic